The most complete form of 'contract logistics', outsourcing logistics management, is achieved by carrying out the services at the customers' production plants. Operating into the customer's plant, we take care of warehouse management, supply to production lines, quality controls and packaging, shipments and material arrivals.

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What we do

Inbound and warehouse management, Production Line feeding, Packing

We have the skills and experience to be able to take charge of operational management of the flows, processes, materials, vehicles and logistics team of your plant: we supply warehouses and production lines, we take care of the quality check, packing and packaging of the goods, we organize the goods buffer and prepare the products for shipments, we ensure the management of carriers and shipments to customers.

How we do it

We apply our know how, consolidated in decades of activity.


We develop and propose a project to the customer, after analyzing the existing flows and the organization of the logistics.


In the operational execution, we fully comply with the rules and procedures of the customer’s plant.


We bring to your site the opportunities for synergies that the diversification of our Group allows us, to offer you the highest level of flexibility.

Our key data



production feeding handled parts per year



packing parts checked and packed per year


transport management pallets delivered per year

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