Our main activity is 'Contract logistics', the outsourcing of warehouse management. It is carried out both at our facilities or at customer’s warehouse. Our customers portfolio includes large, medium and small companies. Our warehouse areas are dedicated to each customer, equipped and managed according to the types of products that have to be stored and the required service specifications. To support better integration with customer processes, we always suggest to use their IT system, if possible, also avoiding expensive interfaces between different systems.

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What we do


We take care of the goods of our customers, both at our equipped facilities or at the customer’s warehouse. We are able to accept all types of packaging, from the 40' container to the single ' loose ‘ box/piece. We manage the arrivals, the tracking, accounting and shipping. We arrange your shipments in full pallets and in loose cartons, repacking if necessary.

Bonded warehouse

In an equipped, covered, closed and protected area we currently provide approximately 3,000 bins. We manage all customs procedures at the right time.

How we do it

We apply our know how, consolidated in decades of activity.


We arrange and equip the warehouse area in the most proper way, based on product specifications, packaging and customer service.


We manage the rotation of goods on a FIFO basis, FEFO, LIFO, by single 'Fiche', by lot, by date or in accordance with the criteria you give us.


We handle your products with most proper vehicles and equipments; we keep them in dry, covered, closed and protected areas.

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