Product protection and preparation for shipment or storage is essential for the preservation of your products and the successful completion of your deliveries to customers. We guarantee you a professional approach even to this apparently simple phase, in which experience and 'know how' make the difference on the quality of the final result and costs. The thirty million products we pack every year are a proof of our skills.

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What we do


From the design of the best technical solution, to the selection of materials, to the optimization of global costs we realize protection and support more suitable to be able to transfer your products to the destination anywhere in the world.


We determine the most suitable type of packaging case by case. We manage all the logistics of auxiliary materials. We pack in boxes, bags, blisters, skin-pack with both automated and manual processes. We carry out, if required, product checks and in-process controls, data collection and quality reports.

How we do it

We apply our know how, consolidated in decades of activity.


Experience/knowledge of handling and transports issues.


Know how on solutions, materials and methods.


Innovation and design capability.

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