We deal with materials, warehouses and deposits, packaging and handling, supplies to factories and production lines, transport and delivery to your customers.  We also offer an integrated range of services for your materials, products and equipment, including checks, controls, selections, kitting, packaging, refurbishing. We are able to design a tailor-made logistic solution tailored to your needs and ensure its operational execution throughout the process.  We operate both at our customers' sites and our own sites.  We ensure proper management of H.R., efficiency and quality of services, directly managing all activities.

Our history

100 years of history, 4 generations

An entrepreneurial business born at the beginning of ‘900 from a family of wood craftsmen.

In the early 60’s the business evolves and specializes in packing business and finally focuses in the early 80’s on logistics.

Thanks to the foundamental contribution of our employees and their great enthusiasm the whole team is dedicated to develop projects.

Key data

Logistics platforms

60.000 sqm

of warehouses


30 millions

packaged parts per year


600.000 cubic meters

packaged parts per year

Production feeding

600 millions

handled parts per year


13 millions

parts checked and packed per year

Transport management


pallets delivered per year

Warehouses capacity



Our know-how

50 years

of experience

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